Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random screenshot

Types of styles

There are 4 types of fighting styles in the game. Defenders, attackers, stoppers, and absorbers.
Attackers- They have alot of power, and use mostly taijutsu and ninjutsu.
Defenders- They use abilities to defend the whole party and use a variety of chakra.
Stoppers- Prevent the enemy from attacking, mostly genjutsu is used for them.
Absorbers- Take away the enemies chakra and gives it to you. Mostly genjutsu and bloodline.

Random chakra is used for all of these styles.

Hints & Tips

People will go for your middle character 70% of the time. Make sure you're middle character is your weakest.
If someone has a 2-part combo move like Gaara. Make sure you have enough chakra for the first and second turn.
If you're using your favorites, and they aren't very good. Make sure you have a good strategy for them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random Chakra

Random chakra has the color black. Random chakra can be any chakra with you in your arsenal. May it be green, blue, red, or white, you need to sacrifice a certain amount of them at the end of your turn when you use a move that takes up random chakra. When disgarding a random chakra, make sure it is 1 you will not need, or 1 that you have alot of.

How to attack

Attacking is very easy, yet most people get confused. It's simple to do. After picking your 3 ninja and the opponent comes up, wait for your turn. Each character can do 1 attack each turn. Let's use rock lee as an example. He has all taijutsu moves.(green) If you want to use his move lotus, you need 1 green chakra and 1 random chakra. Click on the move, then click on the opponent you wish to use it on. The opponents you can use it on, will flash yellow. If one of the opponents are not flashing yellow they are using a technique that makes them invulnerable. Same with defending. If you are using a move like Sakura's ability heal, click on the ability, then on the person you would like to use it on.

Ninja Ladder

How this works is simple. If a person who is a higher rank then someone else is defeated, that person's rank stays the same, but he has the loss added to his total losses. If a person who is a higher rank defeats a lower rank, the lower rank's rank, goes down, and the higher players rank goes up. The ladder rank is winner and/or loser has a difference of 20% taken away or added.

How the game works

The object of the game is simple. Kill the 3 opposing enemies. To start off, click the start game button, located at the top-left of the website. If you don't know the website name, it is When you start you must choose 3 characters to play as. You will then wait momentarily for an opponent. The attacks in the game are based on chakra. The red is for bloodline characters(like Sasuke and Haku) White is for mostly genjutsu characters(Like Ino) Blue is for Ninjutsu characters, which are all the characters. And Taijutsu is for melee characters and moves(like rock lee) Now depending on who has a higher ladder rank, that person will go first. The person who goes first gets 1 chakra, the person who goes second gets 3 chakra. From then on, however many characters are alive, you get that much chakra. (If you have 1 person alive, you get 1 chakra each turn, 2 alive, 2 chakra, 3 alive, 3 chakra) Now that you understand that, you can learn how to attack.